Why is it …

... that my 5 year olds are utterly scandalised by my shirt coming untucked or me taking my heels off to play football, but think nothing of slapping my arse or grabbing my boobs?  Where’s the line, kids?!

No time to write a full post at the moment, but I’m back in Italy and will be getting back up to blogging speed hopefully on Friday.  Standby for pithy reportage on playing chess and eating nothing but crackers for 48 hours, as well as news on the way in which Alitalia fully lived up to their reputation and lost my luggage.  Yep.

Laters, ‘gators. x

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One Response to Why is it …

  1. Ggnitaly84 says:

    the 5 year old i tutor used to grab mine as well and according to a nanny friend of mine her little boys ( 4 and 1 1/2 actually made SONGS about her boobs) ..an italian thing?

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