Vizzini Sagra di Ricotta in pictures (part 1)

A sagra is a food festival, and they’re always worth going to. The ricotta sagra at Vizzini is held every year from 23-25 April, and features – unsurprisingly – ricotta in all its different forms. There was, however, much more to it than just cheese …

There were classic vehicles too. This one was a Giulia Super 1.3, apparently. Whatever: all I really know is that it was black and shiny and retro-cool. I loved it.

Cuteness personified. Or motorified.

Kid on the right of the picture = future Fonz

Who lives in a house like this? A very lucky person, that’s who.

What are stairs for, if not to run up and down?

Sbandieratori (flag-throwers) and musicians, pre-procession. They’re kind of like a much more elegant version of majorettes, dressed in medieval costumes, and these ones looked a bit nervous. Mind you, I think I would too, at the prospect of flinging giant flags into the air while walking through narrow streets filled with people.

The Italians love their choreographed dances. This was going on in the main square. A local radio station had set up a mixing desk and was playing such classics as Gioca Jouer and YMCA. (To those of you who just followed that link: I’m so sorry …)

These little girls, however, were far more interested in just running in circles

I know, I know. You’re saying, “but I thought this was supposed to be a ricotta festival – where’s the damn cheese?” Patience, Skywalker. That’s a whole post in itself, and it’s coming up in part 2 on Friday.

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2 Responses to Vizzini Sagra di Ricotta in pictures (part 1)

  1. Janine says:

    Just gorgeous!!! Your beautiful photos captured the day. I love a good sagra too. I would love to go to one in Sicily though. Jxx
    JanineĀ“s last post ..Map love

  2. Thanks Janine. Sagras are just the best thing ever – perfect opportunities for seeing, smelling and tasting new foods. At the beginning of the year I went to a pork and wild boar sagra up in the mountains – man, was that fun! Any thing that gives an excuse to sit, eat, drink and chat with friends is all right with me.

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