Umbertata 2012

Even in a big multicultural city like Catania you can find events celebrating the micro-culture of the region. And so it was on a sunny Sunday evening at the end of May, with Umbertata. Local craftsmen rubbed shoulders with stiltwalkers, dancers and puppets, in the closest approximation to an English village fete that I’ve seen in a long while. All that was missing was a cream tea.

Click on the images to see them full size, and for the story behind each one.


Have you got a good European travel story? Why not submit it for inclusion in July’s Carnival?

On 1 July I’m hosting the event, set up by Andrea of Destination Europe. Details of how to submit your entries can be found here, and you can also follow Andrea on Facebook to be kept updated on all future Carnival news.

I look forward to reading your entries!

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4 Responses to Umbertata 2012

  1. You get stilt walkers.

    I get three (ear bleeding) hours in a tiny theatre, with the microphones set on 11, listening to the local children murdering music with instuments they only started learning last week.

    This is really not fair.

    I need to move to another bit of Italy

    (glowers at husband who appears to have taken root in Lomellina and won’t let me take a spade to him)
    Sarah in deepest darkest Lomellina´s last post ..Pray for me

  2. I’m sorry, Sarah, I shouldn’t laugh – but I will anyway! It’s your turn of phrase, you understand. ;)

    You could always try taking a spade to the Sock Dropper literally – as in, over the head. Not to cause any permanent harm, but just to knock him out while you get him on a plane to Puglia. (You still thinking of Puglia or have the daydreams changed?) Once he’s there he’ll love it. Or at least he won’t be able to change it haha.

  3. Clive Hooker says:

    Hi Kate

    Having lunch with dad in Sherborne with Rawlston and Rowley. Have hitched up to your blog and I am pleased to hear you are enjoying life. Hear you are coming home at the end of the month and hope we can all get together whilst you are over here.

    Take care and keep blogging.

    Love Clivie

  4. Clivie!! Brilliant to hear from you. Glad to see that ‘lunch’ was still going on at ten to four – things never change with you lot. ;)

    Look forward to seeing you in July.

    K xxx

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