If you’ve been thinking that it’s a bit quiet around these parts at the moment, you’d be right. However, it’s not that I’ve forgotten about you – it’s just that I’ve been having a busy few weeks. Along with my regular, part-time teaching job, I’ve been doing extra lessons on the side, as well as training to become a Cambridge speaking examiner – oh, and cramming in a visit to England for some long-overdue family catch-up time.

Most excitingly for you, however, I’ve been writing for Teaching House’s new Nomads blog. It’s a great resource for anyone involved (or thinking of becoming so) in the EFL world – and for everyone else, it’s a damn good read, with fun stories from classrooms all around the world, written by a group of talented, travelling teachers. So g’wan – while you’re waiting for me to get some new posts up here, head over there, have a poke about, and join in the conversation.

See you there! Teaching House Nomads

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