“As I left Termini, the sun was up, though hardly any people were. I wandered through deserted streets, sunglasses protecting me against the early-morning December sunshine, wearing a smile as wide as the Tiber on my face. Before the general populus of Rome had started to stir, I’d been bowled over by the majestic frontage of the Quirinale, pottered through the winding streets of the Ghetto, had a wander along the river and was at my hostel in its leafy courtyard in Trastevere.”

Killing two birds with one stone, today’s post isn’t here, but over on the Teaching House Nomads blog. What with it being exam period and my therefore running about the place administering Cambridge speaking exams to hundreds of nervous students in the Catania area, as well as teaching final lessons (still three weeks left of term …), writing articles in other places and the sun being out ‘n’ all, I’m finding that my time’s somewhat squeezed. Still, on the bright side, you’re discovering new places in more ways than one – blog pastures new, with a story about travelling to Rome.


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