Acquarocca degli Zappini – a trek into the clouds

Autumn Etna by Kate Bailward
Etna’s trees, dressed in their best and showing off their full range of autumn colours
rocky gold and green by Kate Bailward
Into the woods …


trippety trap by Kate Bailward
… and over the bridge, trippety-trap







copper and clouds by kate bailward
A glow of sun from far above, and the damp, smoky scent of cloud all around


into the clouds by kate bailward
A crisp-edged broom breaks through its muffling layer of cloud


fruitful wasteland by kate bailward
With the cloud is at its thickest, and the slope at its steepest, we scramble through undergrowth and skid on crunchy, loose-lying, black ash on our final push to the top












… where the clouds – at just the right moment – clear.

Etna, you never fail to amaze.

our route
our route

You can also find a description of the route, and directions on how to follow it here

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About Kate Bailward

Kate Bailward is a cat-loving, trifle-hating, maniac driver. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
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4 Responses to Acquarocca degli Zappini – a trek into the clouds

  1. Bruno says:

    Hi Kate, thank you so much for writing this words about Mount Etna! And also thank you for sharing our web site (

    Just one question: close to the bridge there is the detour to the smooth basalt rock (once there was a waterfall). Did you find it? It is described on Etnatracking.


  2. Ciao Bruno

    Si, l’abbiamo trovato ma non sono riuscita a fare le foto belle della rocca, quindi non ne ho parlato di lei!


  3. Bruno says:

    E’ vero, le foto della rocca non rendono mai quanto la vista dal vivo!

    A presto!

  4. I never go there, but seeing the picture of this place, caught me in fantasy, loved it and hope to have a hike for this. thanx for sharing kate. appreciated.

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