Best of DLaM

These are some of the posts which I’ve enjoyed writing and others tell me they have  enjoyed reading. If you’re looking for a good place to start at DLaM (that’s Driving Like a Maniac for the confused – hello, Dad!) then these posts are the ones I’d recommend. Gulp.

Are You Tired Yet?, in which we race to the bottom of the mountain

The Engineers, the Mushrooms, and the Giant Tree, in which Davide plays at being a monkey and fails to discover mushroom gold

The Old Lady and the Whirlwind, in which I take a train journey

Acrobats and Adoration, in which I gain the unconditional love of a three year old

Randazzo, Città d’Arte, in which we miss a train and are taken by surprise by some puppets

Something to Believe In, in which I rediscover my foodie roots.

Too Young to Die, in which The Divine Comedy remind me of the day I moved to Italy.

Saints and Sustenance, in which Catania’s patron saint, Agata, comes out for her annual journey around the city.

In the City, in which I am frightened.

Perfect Weekend Recipe, in which everything you’ve ever imagined only to happen in films actually happens.

Pet Sounds, in which I listen.

Children of the Corn, in which I get lost in the bulrushes and almost drive into a stream.

Head for the hills, in which we run away to the mountains and wear meat hats.

Noah’s Rover, in which we attempt to turn a car into a boat. I’ll give you a clue: it ends soggily.

When I was two, I was nearly new, in which I make a new friend. So what if she’s only two and thinks I’m an idiot?

Viaggio a Vieste, in which I travel by spaceship. (Well, all right, it’s not a spaceship, but it *looked* like one in the early morning mist.)

Roll up for the mystery tour, in which I travel by regional train alone for the first time, and encounter the kindness of strangers.

The Motorcycle Diary, in which I discover why Italians always wear sunglasses, and why you shouldn’t ride on a motorbike in a minidress.

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