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7 Responses to Contact Kate

  1. rose says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve always wanted to teach English in Italy. My parents were both born in Italy and I had the fortunate experience to learn Italian from birth. Having lots of cousins in Italy who have(had) terrible English courses in school, teaching English was always on my list of life careers.

    I came across your blog via Id love to ask you questions or hear any feedback you have about the experience, if that’s alright with you.

    I’m enjoying your blog posts. You must love Sicily. I apprenticed there in 2013 for a cooking school and still believe part of my soul is there!


  2. Hi Rose

    Great to hear from you – feel free to email me any questions via the contact form. I look forward to speaking to you!


  3. David Barrass says:

    Hi, I’m new to this blogging. I found yours and the interview you did fascinating. I want to go on holiday with my 17 year old daughter to Sicily this year but we don’t like things too British, we prefer trying to speak the language, eating local dishes and adventure stuff like riding bikes and taking a bus to some Little market whatever the distance. Also a big fat waterpark. Any ideas? thanks!

  4. Hi David

    Don’t worry about things being too British here – tourism in a big way hasn’t really reached down this far. Some people speak English, but for the most part if you’re happy to try out your Italian they’re happy to let you do so. Also, if you’re after adventure type holidays, then Sicily is definitely the right place. Inland we’ve got the mountains where you can go biking (although in summer it’s likely to be very hot), and then we’ve got loads of gorgeous coastline if you’re into swimming and diving and that kind of thing. As for waterparks, I’m not really sure – as I say, we’ve got so much great coastline that it’s not something for which I’ve ever felt the need – but I’m sure there’ll be something to keep you occupied, wherever you end up on the island.

    Hope you enjoy yourselves :)

  5. Hugh Fleming says:

    Hi Kate, I am from Denver Colorado and I am doing a project for one of my classes about Italy! I was hoping you could help me on what a typical weekend night is for teenagers?

  6. Hi Hugh

    To be honest, it probably depends on the teenager! However, here in Catania a lot of them seem to go to the cinema.

  7. Rachel Anzalone says:

    Hi Kate, came across your blog on the internet and felt like I should contact you for some advise on relocating from the UK with my family.

    My name is Rachel and I’m thinking of relocating to Sicily or Italy with my husband and 5 year old little girl Rosie. My husbands family originally came from Sicily (Ventimiglia Di Sicilia) and moved to the UK in 1960. My husband still has some family in Sicily and also family near Milan (Novara).

    My questions are…I myself am thinking of teaching EFL in Sicily or Italy and was thinking how hard it would be to find a job? And as my daughter gets a bit older and starts looking for further education and work would she be better living in Sicily or Northern Italy?

    There is also the possibility of living in Tuscany (Lucca) we have no family there but seems a nice place to be in Central Italy.

    What would you recommend based on your experience?

    Look forward to your reply and by the way, really enjoying your blogs and website!!

    Take care for now, hopefully speak soon,

    Rachel Anzalone

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