I am the Ostrich

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After a long absence, the sun has come out in Salento today.  It’s beautiful.  I’m sitting here writing next to an open window, a light, warm  breeze ruffling the curtains, and the sunlight glinting off the screen. Actually, that’s a bit annoying, but we’ll ignore that.  Except that I can’t, because now all I can see is the grubby fingermarks on my screen.  How do those *get* there?  I blame the Mac monkeys in the factory, as I’m damn sure I’ve never poked my screen about.  Oh well.

On the subject of hidden dirt, I got into my car earlier and noticed just how much *crap* there was over the outside of it.  While it’s been pouring with rain it’s not been obvious, but now?  Oh dear.  This weekend may have to be spent with a bucket of soapy water and a large sponge.  In the meantime, I’ll just take emergency intermediary measures: i.e. making liberal use of the windscreen washers, and driving in the dark as much as possible.  Nothing like ignoring a problem to make it go away.

The sun seems to have drawn out some of the crazier drivers around here as well.  This morning I have had to swerve to avoid not one but two cars reversing at speed into my path.  I was also stuck at a roundabout for a good minute, while a pair of old biddies drove their knackered old Fiat Uno  v e r y   s l o w l y  past my junction.  In the usual Italian fashion, they stared, utterly unabashed, at me as they did so.  I’m slowly getting used to this, but it’s still pretty disconcerting.  Especially when it’s car drivers doing it.  Look at the ROAD, dammit!  As well as the staring, these two were having a heated debate, complete with waving hands, which was even more unnerving.  What with the eyes not being on the road and the hands not being on the wheel, it’s a miracle they made it across the roundabout at all.  Sometimes I think Italian cars must be magic.  How else do you explain the way in which they stay on the road?

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8 Responses to I am the Ostrich

  1. Samsonite says:

    Ah, the old Mac smudge problem? My company uses nearly all Macs and my boss told me they are the best computers in the world apart from the dirty marks which appear in the top-left and the dvd drive which dies after 6 months. Mine is too new to see if it is true though!

    On driving safety, I see a lot of ambulances in Italy and I believe the number of accidents is 3 or 4 times as high as the UK, so I guess those old biddies' days are numbered…

  2. Joanna says:

    I guarantee that as soon as you finish washing your car there will be blood rain from North Africa and you will have to start over. I know, it happens every time! I also have come to believe that the carabinieri get their cars washed every day.
    I just ordered screen wipes for my Mac from amazon.uk

  3. Katja says:

    Sam: you say that, but they've managed to reach a pretty ripe old age already, so they must be doing something right. Either that or they only learnt to drive last week and tomorrow is their last day on earth. (I'm going to hell, aren't I?)

    Joanna: I think that's what it is, actually. Every inch of glass, on both the car and the flat, is streaked with rusty-coloured – er – streaks. I pointed it out to the flatmate and he, with a knowledgeable nod of his head, said, 'ah yes, that'll be the Scirocco …' Seems like people here aren't just being facetious when they call Salento Africa.

  4. kevin says:

    Going back hundreds of years to when I was young, we had desert rain land in the UK once. Everyone woke up to find the streets and cars specked with sand. Living in Bournemouth (as I was) we all thought a mighty wind had scooped up sand from the beach. Turned out the sand was right across the south and that it had come from North Africa.

  5. Katja says:

    Kevin: I remember that! Either you're not that old, or I'm a lot older than I appear. No rude comments, please …

  6. LindyLouMac says:

    I heard that sand from the Sahara in the rain is not that an unusual phenomena, so no ageist comments needed Katja.

    Another amusing post and by the way it is freezing cold, very windy and pouring with rain here in Lazio, so depressing.

  7. Louise says:

    Good Lord, if I even so much as thought about washing my beaten-up old Panda it would fall apart! Looking forward to opening the windows to that springtime breeze sometime soon. Greetings from Piemonte. Louise.

  8. Katja says:

    LindyLou: I spoke far too soon – the day after I wrote this post everything went cold again, with the added extra of dust. Everywhere. Roll on spring, I say!

    Louise: it's now Saturday morning and the thought of doing anything as energetic as washing my car leaves me absolutely cold, so the dust stays to fight another day. Actually, probably another few months, if I'm honest. Cleaning never has been my strong suit!

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