Sicily to Somerset by train

I’ve been playing with Tripline, a new site that maps your journeys. You have the option to add commentary, music, photos – whatever you want, really. Lots of fun! So here’s my journey from Sicily to Somerset, with music, map and accompanying stories. It’s a long trip (2,309 km and over 30 hours travelling), but a good one. If I could avoid ever travelling by plane again, I would.┬áTrains rock.

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8 Responses to Sicily to Somerset by train

  1. Vanessa says:

    I did it once by car (London though not somerset), think it would be far better by train…

  2. We have done long journeys like this by train many years ago and if it was not so expensive would be willing to do so again, great fun.

  3. Vanessa: I’m a big fan of train travel. It started as an adventure three years ago from Puglia to London, and I enjoyed it so much that I just keep doing it. As LindyLou says, it’s more expensive than flying, but I think it’s worth it for the fun factor.

  4. Linda: it is more expensive than flying, true, but I think it’s worth it for the experience. I don’t come back to the UK all that often, so I’m happy to pay more when I do to get the adventure of cross-Europe travel! My mum and dad drove all the way down to Puglia three years ago, which I’d also be up for doing. And one day I *will* do the cycling version. I’ve been saying it for so long now that it really must happen …

  5. Krista says:

    how fun!! And exhausting. :-) I absolutely love train travel too – sooooo much better than planes. :-)
    Krista┬┤s last post ..Yarn Bombing, Jazz and Dark Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Cups

  6. Oh my gosh, give me a train over a plane any day, Krista. On my way back I’m planning to stop off in Paris and Rome and possibly Naples as well. Can you imagine trying to do that on a plane? One of the wonderful things about travelling by train is the way that you end up slap bang in the city, rather than 30km outside as you do with airports. Door to door service is where it’s at!

  7. Love the train … you can get up – walk around … the air doesn’t have that weird airplane smell … and tends to be more dog friendly (important to us) … what fun Tripline is!! A dream for us – the Paris to Venice Original Orient Express.

  8. Oh gosh, me too! I’d love to do that trip one day. What an adventure that would be. :)

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